Child Photographer Giving Confidence: One Child At a Time!

Here at Rhea Lewis Photography, our scope of photographic work is really aimed at the building of confidence. From offering boudoir photography to cancer survivors to making a pregnant mother feel beautiful, we aim to show the true beauty in all of our clients.

The latest story on this journey comes from a 5 and a half year old girl named Kaelyn. She is a self confident girl by herself but was recently dealing with some teasing at school that was chipping away at her self confidence. Some little boys at her school kept telling her that her banana curls were “funky”. After a week or so of this teasing, she started to feel bad about her hair and even mentioned this to her mother. This all coincided coincidentally with the scheduling of her 5 year photos.

We decided to make this a fun dress up session for Kaelyn. We arranged for personal stylist and hairstylist, Style Me Jaime. At the photo session, Kaelyn totally rocked it. She posed, she did tricks, she twirled, she smized… you could tell she was loving the attention. The greatest part? On the way home from the session, she told her mom “I felt so beautiful and confident today with Ms. Rhea and I’m going to tell those boys my hair is beautiful!”. Her mom was very happy to hear this and had to call us and relay Kaelyn’s sentiments about the photo shoot. Of course, we were over the moon to hear that this sweet 5 and a half year old girl took such a beautiful gift with her from our photo shoot.

So why do just a routine yearly photo shoot documenting your child? Take it to the next level with Rhea Lewis Photography and give your child that always-needed confidence boost. Between our set choice, styling, lighting, hair and makeup.. your child will feel like a rock star!

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